Welcome to Bar Italia

London’s Finest and friendliest coffee bar!

First opened in 1949 by Lou and Caterina Polledri, Bar Italia is a family run business which has been passed on through three generations. From Lou and Caterina to their Son Nino – who took over the reins in the 1970s – and then to his children Antonio, Luigi and Veronica – who today not only run Bar Italia but also the restaurant’s ‘Little Italy’, which is next door, but also ‘Nolita’ which is based in Hertfordshire.

Come to Bar Italia for the best coffee

Why is it so good you ask?
Because we have a tried and tested system that works and we don’t deviate too much from it. Our Gaggia coffee machine doesn’t have a water filter, so no salts are run through it. It’s temperature is set to less than boiling so the coffee doesn’t burn.
We also only use the finest coffee – our own secret blend – which has been supplied to us by Signor Angelucci (once based next door) since we first opened.

If you come in and tell one of our experienced Barista’s how you want your coffee, it will be prepared to your exact preference. Tell him twice and you will never have to tell him again, he will remember you and know exactly how you want your coffee, getting it right every time.

Bar Italia is open till 5am every day and then re-opens at 7am for breakfast. The Bar is always bustling, full of different characters from the Soho trendies, sports personalities, famous musicians and film stars to our many regular’s who have been with us for many years. There is always something going on here. Alternatively, if you like it peaceful, you can always find a quiet corner and you will not be disturbed.So, why not come and join the Bar Italia experience, you never know, you may even want to go home again one day!

Bar Italia website

This site has been set up to explain the rich and varied history of the Bar Italia and also to connect many customers via our online social network links which will keep you up to date with all our latest news and events on these and also through our online blog. We hope you enjoy browsing these pages and please let us have any feedback, photos or stories that you think we could feature on the site.